On the 2021 Peanuts Specials I worked as a Technical Director and helped Wildbrain develop 2 new departments (Lighting and Previs) and a lot of new processes, some worth mentioning are: new line boil system, new shot split system for crowds, lighting tools, animation tools, color tools etc... Here are the links for those especials:

For Auld Lang Syne (Apple TV+)

It's the small things, Charlie Brown (Apple TV+)

To Mom (and Dad), with love (Apple TV+)

Lucy School (Apple TV+)

On the 2017 My Little Pony The Movie I worked as a Technical Director and helped Wildbrain develop their Harmony Pipeline and a bunch of new tools and processes, some worth mentioning are: Animation Library, Line Thickness Control, 3D Integration in Harmony/Maya, Rigging Conventions, Comp Rigs etc...

I made lots of storyboards for the 1st season of My Big Big friend tv show, including the pilot episode. On the second season I changed hats to Animation Director. I also did some early design and storyboard work on the 2022 My Big Big Friend Movie. My Big Big Friend is owned by 2D Lab Brazil.

On the adult Cut TV Show (2017), for 2D Lab Brazil, I worked as Show Director. It was a really small team so I also assume other roles like Technical Director and Animator Director.

On The Yellow Woodpecker Ranch (2012) I worked as a Co-Animation Director (2nd season) and Co-Animation Supervisor (1st season). I also part time as a Technical Director, building my first Animation Library system on this show. The Yellow Woodpecker Ranch was produced by Globo Tv/Mixer and animated by 2D Lab Brazil.

The Short film ONE was made in 2007 on the National Film Board of Canada, on a aspiring directot's program called Hot House 4.

On the Myths of Mondo series in 2005, I worked as a Animation Director and Storyboard Artist for studio 2D Lab Brazil.

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